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Hardware Failure

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Computer Hardware failure is a major cause of downtime for businesses. Over time, some hardware needs to be replaced due to wear or upgraded to meet changing technologies.

IT GURU LIVE onsite hardware support services ensure preventive hardware maintenance and troubleshooting. We can also help review all your IT hardware. We can fix or replace any type of hardware from all major brand computers, servers, network devices, surveillance systems, laptops and more. Computer Parts include Motherboards, Processors, Hard Disks, Video cards, Network Cards and more.
We follow a well-refined process evolved through over 8 years of experience. This is backed by experienced certified technicians and management.
Get all this at a fixed monthly price with our Onsite hardware support services. Now you can simply focus on your business and stop worrying about hardware related downtimes.
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The risk of hardware failure is the most commonly talked-about reason to perform backups. Indeed, nothing will jolt someone into realizing the importance of backups more than an unrecoverable hard disk failure. Since the hard disk stores your main programs and data, it is the hardware whose failure hurts the most. It is also what gets the most attention, and rightly so.

However, there are other hardware problems that can cause permanent data loss, and some of these can be rather hard to figure out, since they don’t seem like they should be responsible for the problem. Here are just a few:

  • Memory Errors : With so many systems today running without error detection or correction on their system memory, there is a chance of a memory error corrupting the data on the hard disk. It is rare for it to happen, but it does happen.
  • System Timing Problems : Setting the timing for memory or cache access too aggressively, or using a hard disk interface transfer mode that is too fast for the system or device, can cause data loss. This is often not something that will generally be realized until after some amount of damage has been done.
  • Resource Conflicts : Conflicts resulting from peripherals that try to use the same interrupt requests, DMA channels or I/O addresses, can cause data to become corrupted.
    • Power Loss : Losing power at the wrong time, such as when you are doing sensitive work on your hard disk, can easily result in the loss of many files.
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